Top Trends from NYFW… So Far

I am in North Carolina, nine hours from fashion week but don’t worry, I am keeping up with all of it. Thank goodness for and Snapchat. Fashion week has become more and more of a spectacle every year. Between Rebecca Minkoff’s Soho show to Tommy Hilfiger’s carnival, shows have become more than just a display of clothes. Designers and brands are able to expression their vision not only through the clothes but how people see the collection. This new revolution has made the fashion industry as a whole more accessible, especially with social media. I have seen so many shows and cool parties through Snapchat it really makes me feel like I am there even though I am in sweatpants taking homework breaks when I watch them. Seeing many of the collections it seems like all of the designers decided to see who could create the coolest and craziest sleeves. Here are some of the sleeve trends from New York Fashion Week:

Tied up:tied-upAdam Selman | Milly | Cinq a Sept

I love this trend because it is so simple but can completely change a look depending on how the tie is done. The small bows on the top of the shoulders of the Adam Selman dress create a romantic and feminine look while the laced up sleeves on the Milly shirt add an edge to the outfit. The bows on the Cinq a Sept shirt add a playful twist and complement the laced up shoes.

Parachute Sleeves:parachute-sleevesMilly | Nicole Miller | Cynthia Rowley

This trend has been slowly but surely coming onto the seen since the summer. Many of the fast fashion companies have done simple versions of this trend but the designers in NYFW have taken it to another level. Milly plays with proportions to make the sleeves stand out even more in this look. Nicole Miller adds a modern twist to the classic black button up blouse while Cynthia Rowley created an etherial look with these huge white satin sleeves.

Peek-a-boo shoulders:peek-a-boo-shoulderRachel Zoe | Zimmerman | Christian Siriano

I have never been a huge fan of the peek-a-boo shoulder shirts. I always thought they were slightly cheesy however this season’s collections have definitely made me reconsider this trend. The Rachel Zoe collection this season was absolutely stunning and this dress may be my favorite look mainly because of the cascading, off-the-shoulder element. Zimmerman did this trend a little differently, only exposing one shoulder which was unexpected among all the lace and sheer fabric. And lastly, Christian Siriano added drama to the trend with this glamorous black satin gown.

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Photo Credits: Vogue

LFW Street Style

Paris, Milan, and New York fashion weeks are all great but there is something special about London fashion week. I always look forward to those street style pics because London style is so unique. There is a certain quirkiness and boldness that is indigenous to the city. Because of my love for LFW I am so excited to be able share with you all these street style pics, courtesy of one of my favorite places online to shop, Farfetch. Any of these looks can easily be recreated by checking out Farfetch’s huge collection of luxury clothing for both men and women (they always have great sales going on too!).





When I first saw all of the street style pics from Farfetch I knew that I wanted to talk about these two looks. I rarely ever get to talk about men’s fashion on Like Lillian however I love men’s street style pics from fashion week because they are unpredictable and are often fun and whimsical looks. Both of these guys are wearing relatively classic outfits but they added pieces to make them interesting and different like the Campbell soup Converse (I am trying to find them to buy for myself) and the skull bracelets. These guys also crushed the layering trend.







These looks show how diverse and distinct London style is. The first look embodies the quirkiness there that I love. The hat, the mix of furs, the cool canvas tote, and the tennis sneakers are all such different pieces and ideas that work so well together in this look. And that is one of the best hats I have ever seen. The coat in the second look is stunning and I love how she made the ensemble edgier with the Wildfox sunglasses. I also love the last look because it is so simple but seems so bold and reminds me of an Alexa Chung look. Even this girl’s hair looks perfectly undone.

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New Discovery

I was recently looking at the resort wear collections on and I found a designer that I had never heard of before. Veronique Branquinho’s resort collection was unique in a few ways. First, the collection had only fifteen images and most of the pieces were shot in pairs in the woods. Second, the designer used black and white images only which emphasized the use of shades and contrast throughout the collection. Third, the collection only consists of floor-length dresses. The pieces are soft with natural silhouettes and many of the dresses are accented with delicate details like eyelette cutouts, small ruffles, lace panels, pockets, collars, pleats, and lace lettering at the bottom of some of the dresses. Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection.

veronique-branquinho-007-1366 veronique-branquinho-005-1366 veronique-branquinho-006-1366 veronique-branquinho-012-1366 veronique-branquinho-001-1366 veronique-branquinho-010-1366

Resort Wear: Wide Leg Pants

Many designers are showcasing wide leg pants in their resort collections this season. These pants are perfect for the spring and summer because of their often lightweight fabrics and loose silhouette. This traditionally 70’s style has been modernized with more structure and shorter lengths that are similar to culottes which were another very popular trend among the resort collections. Because some wide leg pants are large and can have little to no shape I like to pair them with a more structured crop top or if they are high waisted try tucking in a chambray shirt or just a basic tee if the pants have a loud print. If the pants are a shorter length, show off a pair of fun heels. Here are a few wide leg pants from the resort collections and some cheaper priced options as well:




Dolce & Gabbana

Keeping with the theme of fashion week posts, I wanted to write about the Dolce & Gabbana show but do something a bit different. Most of the recent runways consist of tall, striking, and astoundingly skinny girls who walk in beautiful and revolutionary creations. Dolce & Gabbana’s collection this season was inspired by mothers, specifically and literally by the mother-daughter relationship. For the show, the brand mixed models, mothers, pregnant women, babies, and young girls together, all dressed in the amazing Italian designs. I applaud designers like Dolce & Gabbana for doing something different. Putting their clothing on real women who have children and who are not traditionally “model skinny” makes their brand more accessible to actual, everyday women, including mothers who could relate to and appreciate this change. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I also, shockingly, applaud Kanye West for incorporating models of all shapes and sizes in his show and therefore breaking the stick-thin model norm of fashion shows. I am not trying to bash the modeling industry, but I do think that brands and labels who only use extremely skinny models are limiting their demographic and made their collections seemingly unattainable.

DOL_0509 DOL_0165 DOL_0283 DOL_1123 DOL_0089 DOL_0683

Alien Shades

I have recently noticed some interesting glasses that have been accompanying many looks on the runway this season. Many designers are creating frames that are narrow at the nose and get wider towards the outside of the face. This unusual shape gives the models who wear them an alien-chic vibe. I’m not sure exactly how popular they are among the general public but I think they are designed for the more daring and fearless. Here are a few of my favorites:

Max Mara
Max Mara

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Fall Furs

Fur is a huge trend in the fall/winter 2015 shows. Many designers have incorporated it into jackets, vests, dresses and even accessories. Designers and brands are also experimenting with different colored furs and varying styles. Many, such as Michael Kors and Anna Sui, are playing with the classic fur coat by utilizing unexpected shades and varying lengths. Here are a few of my favorite fur looks from New York Fashion Week:

Michael Kors
Anna Sui
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger
Carolina Herrera


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Kanye West x Adidas Originals

Hello everyone, sorry I have been gone for a while, but I am back now and ready for New York fashion week! Well that is, I am ready to watch all of the runway shows on youtube in my room. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about the Kanye West x Adidas Originals show. Despite whatever people think of him as a person, the show was interesting and definitely different. Of course, probably the most exciting part of the show was the front row of glamorous A-listers like Queen B, Jay-Z, Anna Wintour, and Kim and North West. I thought after watching the show that it was really more of an artistic expression than a fashion statement. All of the looks were raw and simple. West used models of all shapes and sizes which I thought was a nice change from the stick-skinny girls that usually dominate the fashion shows. Ultimately, there was nothing different or revolutionary about the individual pieces, but the presentation of the collection was interesting and deliberately unusual. West designed the show this way to promote creativity and encourage new ways of thinking. Aside from the deep artistic message of the collection, I’m not sure exactly how many people are wearing ripped sweaters and full body tights everyday.