Spring Staples

Romper- Tobi | Jacket- Esley (similar here) | Sneakers- Superga | Sunglasses- Ray Ban | Lipstick- Urban Decay

Spring trends often times fall into the same three categories: bright, floral and flow-y. When the weather finally starts to get warmer I like to carry over some of the trends and pieces from fall and winter and mix them with traditional spring trends to create a unique look. This Tobi romper is a classic spring piece with the blush tones and light structure. To make the look a bit more complex, I paired it with an army green bomber jacket. This jacket adds an edgy vibe to the look while still framing the romper and allowing the pattern and shape of the piece to pop even more. I am always a fan of the sporty chic look so I had to include one outfit with sneakers. Superga sneakers are a classic in my wardrobe, and I chose these plum ones to match the deeper tones in the romper, bringing the whole outfit together. The sneakers complement the lipstick which is also not a traditional spring-time tone.

Romper- Tobi | Purse- Francesca’s (similar here) | Slides- Karl Lagerfeld (similar here) | Sunglasses- Traps Eyewear

As we enter summer concert and festival season I find myself gravitating more towards pieces like this romper. I am used to scrolling through my Instagram explore page and seeing hundreds of intricate and complex bohemian looks that people put together at festivals. These outfits are often frustrating to me because people are just dressing for the event and for the pictures but not for their own style. I love the simple boho look because it is more suited to my personal style. This Tobi romper has the larger, cropped bell sleeves and a tassel belt. The simple colors and pattern as well as the traditional silhouette of the piece allow it to be both modern and bohemian. I paired the romper with some more Coachella inspired accessories. This cross-body bag adds more movement and fun to the outfit with the fringe. The purse also matches the espadrille slides perfectly. These shoes are on trend and are extremely comfortable. The fringe detail on the slides is subtle but adds that final touch to tie the whole ensemble together.

Top- Tobi | Jeans- Madewell | Wedges- Indigo Rd. | Lipstick- Urban Decay |Sunglasses- Traps Eyewear

One of my favorite trends for spring 2017 is the crazy sleeve trend. There is so much you can do with this trend because it is so versatile and it can really fit any style. Even the 80s shoulder pads and big sleeves are coming back into style (not exactly my personal favorite but I’m sure many people are happy about this). This Tobi top incorporates the pastel, off-the-shoulder and crazy sleeve trends all in one affordable piece. This top offers a more wearable option for the crazy sleeve trend. The hem of the shirt also hits at the perfect spot for high waisted shorts or jeans. The cropped jeans with a slight flare show off my favorite wedges. I wore these shoes most recently to my sorority formal and to my high school graduation so they hold a lot of great memories. They are the perfect mix of glamour and bohemian vibes with the lace up tassel detail.

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Suede Sunshine

Jacket Asos, Sweater- Croft & Barrow, Jeans- J. Crew, Belt- Target, Boots- J. Crew, Sunglasses- Traps Eyewear

I’m going back to the basics here. I always find myself getting dressed in the morning and wishing that I was wearing something more edgy or just another interesting accessory. Yesterday I woke up and put on my favorite pair of jeans, my more-than-beat-down leather boots and a tan sweater and I felt so comfortable. It was one of those no fuss outfits that made me feel put together and ready to take on the day. Because there was a slight breeze here in North Carolina I threw on a suede jacket which gave the outfit that extra edge that brought everything together.

I’m sure we all have that one piece in our closet that is so worn down and should have been thrown out a year ago. For me, that piece would be these boots. I got them for Christmas about six years ago (I don’t exactly remember what year because it has been so long). I believe a number of my family members have tried to throw them out but I refuse to let them go. They are a size too small and the sole is starting to separate from the rest of the shoe. I say it  gives them character, my mother says they are rotting like an apple. There is something about an old leather shoe or accessory that over the years gives it this amazing feeling. Nothing is better than worn leather. So even when these babies finally give out, I cannot and will not toss them. Sorry mom.

Grammys 2017 Red Carpet Trends

The Grammys are always an interesting event in regards to fashion. So many iconic and memorable looks. Let us never forget JLo and her 2000 plunging dress and more recently, Lady Gaga’s 2016 tribute to David Bowie. The most obvious standout this year was a fairly unknown African American artist, Joy Villa, who wore a dress with President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” along with “Trump” along the train of the gown. This could be a “love Trump’s hate” type of message or maybe she is a supporter. Either one, I don’t think this stunt will keep her in the limelight for long.

Now for the more exciting news on the red carpet. Some of the major trends of the night crossed all genres. We saw plenty of keyhole cutouts, some more risqué than others (@JLo again). here are some of the stars from country music to pop performers who rocked this look.

Jennifer Lopez
Faith Hill
Demi Lovato
Carrie Underwood

The red carpet was also lit up by many other stars who decided to rock the metallic trend. Heidi Klum finally has come out of her fashion slump with this awesome metallic mini. Although Heidi is on her way out a slump, Katy Perry may be on her way in with this ill-fitted look. Here are the stars that blinded us with their metallic ensembles.

Katy Perry
Heidi Klum
Solange Knowles


All images courtesy of E! Online

Southern ‘n Bright







As a newly adopted southerner I am still figuring out how to deal with this heat. September is the time when kids go back to school and you start needing an extra blanket at night. Here, I feel like summer is still in full swing and I can never escape the sun. Despite my need for jeans and hot chocolate, this warm weather allows me to extend my summer clothes and try to style them in different ways.

I bought this romper at a small boutique back home with the intent of wearing in at school. I love the blend of bright and cheerful colors as well as the play on herringbone print. I’m also dipping my toes into the off the shoulder trend. This trend reminds me of the days back in middle school when my friends and I would wear baggy shirt or sweaters and pull one sleeve down so we had a cool and quite sophisticated “off the shoulder” look. As much as I admire this trend and think it is very flattering on many people, it tends to annoy me. I wore this romper to class and found that I couldn’t really raise my hand or else the whole thing would fly up, turning a cute outfit into a fashion disaster.

Despite my own issues, this is one of those outfits that wakes me up in the morning and makes me happier. I paired the romper with sneakers to give it a more relaxed look which also made me feel just a little closer to fall.

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Best Dressed at the Emmys

Unfortunately I did not get to watch the Emmy Awards this year  however I am very excited because I just read that one of my favorite cast members on SNL, Kate McKinnon, won outstanding supporting actress. Anytime she would play Justin Bieber I would be on the floor laughing hysterically. I was also keeping up with the red carpet fashion (as per usual) and I was pleasantly surprised by a few people who broke the mold. Going through all of the looks I was seeing the usual red gowns, black and white dresses, and high slits that did not seem to be that different or interesting compared to any other red carpet. The people who I chose as my best dressed celebs decided (or their stylists decided) to take a bit of a risk and I think it paid off well. Here are my best dressed pics for the 2016 Emmy Awards:


Kristen Bell wore this Zuhair Murad gown beautifully last night. I love how the jewelry was kept simple and classic to let the dress speak for itself. Her neck was left bare to draw even more attention to the plunging neckline. Her skin is glowing, nothing to heavy on her face and her hair is just messy enough to relax the look. This nude color is not easy to wear however Kristen pulls it off effortlessly.

This dress may be one of the most interesting looks I saw at the Emmys this year. I like how Olivia Culpo took a risk with the midi hem and sheer details. The dress is also interesting because it is a Zac Posen piece which is unusual as he is known for solid, more sophisticated gowns. This look is fun which is not always a celebrity’s number one criteria for a red carpet look although I believe it should be.


This Atelier Versace dress is extremely hard to wear because there is no hiding anything. The color, the fabric and the silhouette are all beautiful however they are made for a specific body type, which Emilia Clarke has. This dress accentuates her curves and creates a dramatic waistline that gives the dress its sexy edge. The classic old Hollywood feel that the gown and Emilia’s updo have makes this look shine on the carpet.


Rarely do I have men on my best dressed lists because is it often times much harder for them to stand out among the glamorous and dramatic gowns. Trevor Jackson looks tailored and stylish in this Anthony Franco velvet suit. Not only is he on trend with the velvet but he also pulled off a colored suit which is very difficult to do without looking over-the-top. I always appreciate a man who tries to wear something different or who has fun with fashion on the red carpet. Well done Trevor Jackson.

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Top Trends from NYFW… So Far

I am in North Carolina, nine hours from fashion week but don’t worry, I am keeping up with all of it. Thank goodness for Vogue.com and Snapchat. Fashion week has become more and more of a spectacle every year. Between Rebecca Minkoff’s Soho show to Tommy Hilfiger’s carnival, shows have become more than just a display of clothes. Designers and brands are able to expression their vision not only through the clothes but how people see the collection. This new revolution has made the fashion industry as a whole more accessible, especially with social media. I have seen so many shows and cool parties through Snapchat it really makes me feel like I am there even though I am in sweatpants taking homework breaks when I watch them. Seeing many of the collections it seems like all of the designers decided to see who could create the coolest and craziest sleeves. Here are some of the sleeve trends from New York Fashion Week:

Tied up:tied-upAdam Selman | Milly | Cinq a Sept

I love this trend because it is so simple but can completely change a look depending on how the tie is done. The small bows on the top of the shoulders of the Adam Selman dress create a romantic and feminine look while the laced up sleeves on the Milly shirt add an edge to the outfit. The bows on the Cinq a Sept shirt add a playful twist and complement the laced up shoes.

Parachute Sleeves:parachute-sleevesMilly | Nicole Miller | Cynthia Rowley

This trend has been slowly but surely coming onto the seen since the summer. Many of the fast fashion companies have done simple versions of this trend but the designers in NYFW have taken it to another level. Milly plays with proportions to make the sleeves stand out even more in this look. Nicole Miller adds a modern twist to the classic black button up blouse while Cynthia Rowley created an etherial look with these huge white satin sleeves.

Peek-a-boo shoulders:peek-a-boo-shoulderRachel Zoe | Zimmerman | Christian Siriano

I have never been a huge fan of the peek-a-boo shoulder shirts. I always thought they were slightly cheesy however this season’s collections have definitely made me reconsider this trend. The Rachel Zoe collection this season was absolutely stunning and this dress may be my favorite look mainly because of the cascading, off-the-shoulder element. Zimmerman did this trend a little differently, only exposing one shoulder which was unexpected among all the lace and sheer fabric. And lastly, Christian Siriano added drama to the trend with this glamorous black satin gown.

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Photo Credits: Vogue

Half Tuck Blues






Shirt- Madewell | Shorts- Hidden | Wedges- Ralph by Ralph Lauren (similar) | Tote (similar) | Sunglasses- Traps Eyewear

I’m so excited to share my first Like Lillian post since starting college. I am so lucky to live on one of the most beautiful campuses so the photo shoot opportunities are pretty much endless. Also I have to thank my fashionable friend Rebecca for taking these pics for me!

Recently I have been in a more preppy mood, especially since coming to school where I wear my Jack Rodgers almost everyday. For this post I wanted to try to branch out a bit. Although this look has some preppy aspects like the monogrammed tote and the espadrille wedges, the overall look is more indie and urban. I recently bought this shirt from Madewell and I have been trying to figure out how I could incorporate it into a more summery look. These cutoff shorts are a bit of a looser fit so to balance out the two oversized pieces I pulled out one of my favorite fashion hacks and half tucked my shirt. I love this trick, especially when styling a button down shirt because it makes the look much more modern and unexpected. The half tuck works well here because it defines my waist but still maintains the loose, effortless feel to the entire outfit.

The purse I am wearing here is actually my school bag that I use everyday however I think the neutral canvas tote grounds the look, keeping it from crossing entirely over the preppy boarder.

If you have seen my last few posts then you can probably notice I have been where shorts with wedges quite frequently. I always thought that heels and wedges were saved for dresses, skirts, or jeans and a nicer top. I enjoy breaking this mold and experimenting with the traditional look of an outfit with heels. This combination also elongates your legs and makes them looked toned, which complements any look.

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Eyelet Print in Bryant Park






I often take the boat into New York City and meet my dad and stepmom for dinner. I am so fortunate to live so close to the greatest city in the world, at least in my opinion. My dad and I took these pictures on the last day I was able to come into the city before I left for college. When my dad asked me where I wanted to take the pictures I thought of Bryant Park immediately because it is one of my favorite places in the city. Whenever anyone thinks of a park and New York they almost always think of Central Park before anything else. It is true, Central Park is beautiful and full of amazing things to do and see, however I think of Bryant Park as Central Park’s cool younger (much smaller) sister.

Back in February, a few of my friends and I went into the city for dinner and then went to Bryant Park for a silent disco. You have probably seen one on a tv show or on social media. It is basically clubbing but instead of the music coming from a speaker the DJ is hooked up to headphones that everyone at the disco is given. While we waited on line for our headphones, my friends and I bought waffles from a small shop in the park, Wafels and Dinges. I had a waffle with powdered sugar, strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream which I later danced out for three hours. The silent disco was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in the city and I have been dying to go to another one ever since. Because of that night, Bryant park will always bring back great memories so I was very excited to shoot there.

This look is my go-to for summer. I love wearing light colors and feminine details in the summer which are both shown in the baby blue color and the eyelet panels outlining the dress. I recently purchased this dress from the J.Crew sale rack. They only had my size left in this dress which never happens so I took it as a sign from the universe that I had to get it. I wore a blue lace bandeau to add another soft, delicate touch to the look and also to keep the outfit more reserved. I paired the dress with colorful sandals which are great for walking around in New York in the summer and a wax canvas tote with a blue monogram to anchor the preppy look. I wore my hair up here because it adds to the drama of the deep v-neck silhouette and draws attention to the top of the dress. I will definitely be sporting this dress well into fall by either layering long-sleeve shirts underneath or light jackets on top.

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Physhion x Like Lillian

For this week’s post I am collaborating with an athletic apparel boutique, Physhion, located in Fair Haven and Red Bank, New Jersey. Walking into the Fair Haven location, I was immediately draw in by a pair of dark blue camo leggings, which I later discovered were so popular that the pair I saw was the last in stock. I spent hours in the store drooling over the soft fabrics and unique pieces. Many, if not all, of the pieces I found in Physhion were items I would wear outside of the gym. I would describe the overall style of the brand as effortlessly edgy. Physhion’s owner, Lisa Taffin, has compiled a collection of comfortable, stylish, and most importantly functional pieces that will satisfy many different tastes and styles. She has turned athleisure into athluxe. Here are three of my favorite looks:




Vest- Vimmia | Bra- Phat Buddha | Leggings- Alo




Tank-Lanston | Bra- Phat Buddha | Sweatpants- Michael Lauren




Tank- Splits 59 | Shorts- Nux | Bra- Phat Buddha

Fitness is and has always been a very important part of my life. I like most children living in suburbs played almost every sport my parents could drive me to. I focused on swimming and then switched over to tennis in middle and high school (partly due to the adorable tennis outfits) which forced me to condition and train for matches. Conveniently for me, my mother is the owner of a fitness studio, Fuel Fitness, where she and her staff teach spin, TRX, sculpt, pilates, yoga, and barre classes so I would often workout with her at Fuel. After taking many of these classes I grew especially fond of spin classes. I loved the energy and intensity of the class and how each class is completely different from the last. I recently earned my Spinning certification back in May and I have been teaching as many spin classes as I can this summer. Last week I taught a “party-themed” spin class where I created a playlist consisting of mostly EDM and club music and held the class at night so the studio would be dark. I put out a disco ball and told all of the people coming to class to dress crazy. I was so excited to see everyone come dressed in loud, bright colors and patterns. They were so excited to get on the bike and ride. This is what I love about workout clothes. They have the ability to motivate people to not only workout but also to have fun while doing it, which is not always easy.

I wanted to create a post of athletic outfits that would motivate me to want to work out. Physhion was definitely the perfect place to find clothes for that purpose. After spending hours in the store picking out outfits for the post I felt so motivated and inspired to exercise.

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Lace by the Ocean








Shirt- Blu Pepper (similar) | Shorts- Hei Hei | Bag- Francesca’s (similar) | Wedges- Ugg Australia (similar)

I was recently given this shirt by my cousins as a graduation present and I have been planning the perfect outfit for it ever since. This outfit has some of my favorite pieces. I just bought these shorts at Anthropologie for a concert that I was going to (Florence + the Machine, it was amazing!). I love the stitched detail and the color of the shorts which compliment the shirt perfectly. I also love the loose, bohemian silhouette that these two pieces create together. The shirt is the real statement piece in this outfit so I kept the accessories to a minimum and chose a simple espadrille wedge to keep the focus on the shirt. The bag that I wore with this look was another recent purchase and has become my new everyday purse. It was actually an emergency purchase as I was on a shopping trip with a friend when the bag I was carrying broke. I bought the bag from Francesca’s and I love its medium size and slouchy feel. It also matches pretty much everything I own and I can wear it into the fall. This outfit is a great example of my style during the summer which is usually a mix of boho and feminine.

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