Suede Sunshine

Jacket Asos, Sweater- Croft & Barrow, Jeans- J. Crew, Belt- Target, Boots- J. Crew, Sunglasses- Traps Eyewear

I’m going back to the basics here. I always find myself getting dressed in the morning and wishing that I was wearing something more edgy or just another interesting accessory. Yesterday I woke up and put on my favorite pair of jeans, my more-than-beat-down leather boots and a tan sweater and I felt so comfortable. It was one of those no fuss outfits that made me feel put together and ready to take on the day. Because there was a slight breeze here in North Carolina I threw on a suede jacket which gave the outfit that extra edge that brought everything together.

I’m sure we all have that one piece in our closet that is so worn down and should have been thrown out a year ago. For me, that piece would be these boots. I got them for Christmas about six years ago (I don’t exactly remember what year because it has been so long). I believe a number of my family members have tried to throw them out but I refuse to let them go. They are a size too small and the sole is starting to separate from the rest of the shoe. I say it  gives them character, my mother says they are rotting like an apple. There is something about an old leather shoe or accessory that over the years gives it this amazing feeling. Nothing is better than worn leather. So even when these babies finally give out, I cannot and will not toss them. Sorry mom.

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