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For this week’s post I am collaborating with an athletic apparel boutique, Physhion, located in Fair Haven and Red Bank, New Jersey. Walking into the Fair Haven location, I was immediately draw in by a pair of dark blue camo leggings, which I later discovered were so popular that the pair I saw was the last in stock. I spent hours in the store drooling over the soft fabrics and unique pieces. Many, if not all, of the pieces I found in Physhion were items I would wear outside of the gym. I would describe the overall style of the brand as effortlessly edgy. Physhion’s owner, Lisa Taffin, has compiled a collection of comfortable, stylish, and most importantly functional pieces that will satisfy many different tastes and styles. She has turned athleisure into athluxe. Here are three of my favorite looks:




Vest- Vimmia | Bra- Phat Buddha | Leggings- Alo




Tank-Lanston | Bra- Phat Buddha | Sweatpants- Michael Lauren




Tank- Splits 59 | Shorts- Nux | Bra- Phat Buddha

Fitness is and has always been a very important part of my life. I like most children living in suburbs played almost every sport my parents could drive me to. I focused on swimming and then switched over to tennis in middle and high school (partly due to the adorable tennis outfits) which forced me to condition and train for matches. Conveniently for me, my mother is the owner of a fitness studio, Fuel Fitness, where she and her staff teach spin, TRX, sculpt, pilates, yoga, and barre classes so I would often workout with her at Fuel. After taking many of these classes I grew especially fond of spin classes. I loved the energy and intensity of the class and how each class is completely different from the last. I recently earned my Spinning certification back in May and I have been teaching as many spin classes as I can this summer. Last week I taught a “party-themed” spin class where I created a playlist consisting of mostly EDM and club music and held the class at night so the studio would be dark. I put out a disco ball and told all of the people coming to class to dress crazy. I was so excited to see everyone come dressed in loud, bright colors and patterns. They were so excited to get on the bike and ride. This is what I love about workout clothes. They have the ability to motivate people to not only workout but also to have fun while doing it, which is not always easy.

I wanted to create a post of athletic outfits that would motivate me to want to work out. Physhion was definitely the perfect place to find clothes for that purpose. After spending hours in the store picking out outfits for the post I felt so motivated and inspired to exercise.

Thank you so much for visiting Like Lillian and be sure to check out Physhion in Fair Haven and Red Bank so you can get motivated too!

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