The Show and the City




Coat: Anthropologie (similar here), Scarf: Coach (here in red), Shirt: Express, Jeans: J.Crew (similar here), Purse: Botkier, Boots: J.Crew (cheaper here, J.Crew higher heel here)

This past Saturday I went into New York City to see a Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which was hilarious. I wore this outfit during the day, out to lunch, and when I went to see the SNL Exhibition. It was nearly fifty degrees on Saturday so I went with one of my favorite pair of cropped jeans along with a pair of low heel black suede boots. This scarf is one of my favorites because of its poppy print and shades of blue which went perfectly with my navy pea coat. That night, I changed my jeans to slim navy pants and wore a long blue duster coat for the show. While I was waiting to get into the theater I noticed something quite disappointing. No one gets dressed up to see Broadway shows anymore. When I was a kid my mom always put me in my nicest dress, tights, black mary jane patent leather shoes, and my ‘fancy’ coat and matching hat, which were adorned with blue and white daisies. So today’s post is much more than a simple OOTD. Today’s post is my personal PSA: please, don’t give up on getting dressed up. Thank you for visiting Like Lillian!

4 thoughts on “The Show and the City

  1. Great post! I remember when I used to go into the city for bway shows and wear my nicest clothes too! OH how the times have changed! 😛

  2. Wow. I am at a loss for words. Simply Breathless. You know anonymous once said “a girl who can put an outfit together is a girl who can save the world” keep up the hard work, because I know your dreams will come true Katherine. I wish people would continue to wear their nicest clothes to Broadway. What is wrong with the world….

  3. Hi Lillian! I’m concerned that the similar pair of booties are too pointed, will you please take a look at your shoes and let me know the brand? Thanks! You’re my favorite blogger!

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