Monthly Covers: January 2016

January is always a big month for magazines to draw people in with new years resolution stories and weight loss/self improvement tips. I love to see the January covers because most of the magazines will put strong, confident women on the front of its magazine to motivate people in the New Year. This January is no exception. I loved the Instyle cover with Viola Davis smiling and glowing and the Glamour cover with two of my favorite people, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who have been killing it this year with their new movie and new rocking style. So here are my picks for the best January covers of 2016:

Best Outfit: Elle


Anything Lupita wears I love. Everything looks good on her beautiful skin, especially colorful prints. This dress is very interesting with the flouncy one shoulder which usually a harsh and edgy look but here it adds a feminine touch to the cover and is perfect for Lupita.

Best Hair: Teen Vogue


Teen Vogue always has the cool, it-girl on the cover. Fernanda Ly looks chill on the cover with her now iconic pink hair which launched her career during the Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 show. It is not easy to pull of bubble gum pink hair but Fernanda does it so well.

Best Makeup: Marie Claire


This month, Marie Claire had three cover girls all from the new Pride and Prejudice zombie movie: Bella Heathcote, Lily James, and Suki Waterhouse. I picked Bella’s for best makeup because her features on this cover are striking with her adorable mini bob hair. Her eyes and cheeks pop right off the page and the soft lip compliments the entire look.

Best Overall: Harper’s Bazaar


This cover is just so fun. Kate Hudson is glowing and looks, as the story suggests, fabulous. I love seeing a cover that is bright and happy instead of always so serious. This could have also won best hair.

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