New Year, New Workout Wardrobe

Its time for New Year resolutions which for me is an excuse to buy new workout clothes. Since so many people swear to loose weight every year I wanted to make an online shopping guide to help you look good while working out. I have already made one of these shopping guides featuring Forever 21 workout clothing and a few other brands, but I am constantly searching for new brands to share with you all. For this shopping guide I found five stylish and functional workout apparel brands that I am excited to share.


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Carbon38 carries over 50 different brands with clothes perfect for yoga, running, dancing, hiking, and pretty much any workout you are into. I like Carbon38’s locker room section which has workout and inspiration tips from fitness experts and other influential people along with hand picked collections of kick-ass clothes.

Blue Life Fit by Planet Blue

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I have always loved Planet Blue clothing, especially their beautiful, delicate dresses and tops however, there is a whole other side of Planet Blue that is not so delicate. The Blue Life Fit collection from Planet Blue is what an edgy ballerina would wear. With plenty of sheer panels, tiny yoga shorts, and stripy sports bras, this brand is great motivation for a hard workout.

Urban Outfitters Activewear

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Urban Outfitters is another brand that I have always loved but never knew about their activewear line. The activewear line is very similar to their street clothing with trendy patterns and playful cuts. They also have some great blankets, yoga mats, water bottles, and even fitness and nutrition books to give you ideas and get you motivated.

FP Movement by Free People

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The FP movement doesn’t really have your everyday basics. Free People channelled their cool-girl, boho style into the FP Movement clothing. The FP Movement is unique because is has pieces that are sometimes difficult to find like stylish sweats, bodysuits, and good layering pieces.

Spiritual Gangster

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This last brand is not exactly workout clothing, although most of their tanks would be great for yoga, all of the clothing is yoga inspired. Spiritual Gangster has great street clothes that you could use as layering pieces if you are headed to the gym, or you could just wear them out to show everyone that your a yoga boss.

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