The First Day Outfit

Prepping for the first day back to school is a daunting task. The most stressful things I encounter on the eve of my first day are going to Staples which becomes more crowded then Times Square on New Years Eve, setting my alarm clock for the first time in months, and of course choosing the perfect first day ensemble. No matter what age you are, everyone has the same mentality when choosing their first day outfit. You want to stand out slightly but also blend in. You want to look good, but not like to tried too hard. This mantra however can mean different things to different ages and grades. If you are entering elementary school, being cool while stilling fitting in may mean Heelys sneakers and a Hannah Montana backpack, if you are from my generation. If you are going into middle school (I’m so sorry) then maybe you are going for a risky off the shoulder shirt or printed bottoms so you know you look good but it was almost unintentional. High school is a whole new ball game. This is the time when people begin to break out and try new, unique styles. It is also the time for other people to dress exactly the same as everyone else. If you are like me you try to be as original as possible but it can be hard to wear whatever you want. Sometimes I want to wear heels but at 5’10” I am already taller than the majority of my class. Maybe I want to try out a new pair of flare jeans but I don’t want to be labeled as a flower child just because everyone else is wearing skinnies. If you are going into high school whether you are a terrified freshman or a senior who is just so over it, wear whatever makes you comfortable and whatever makes you confident. Whether that is a pair of overalls, sweatpants, or just jeans and a tee it doesn’t matter. And if your school requires uniforms, then you lucked out.

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