Sorry, It’s Back to School Time

Some of you may be excited and some of you may be dreading it but it’s here. The only part of going back to school that I really enjoy is the back to school shopping. No, I do not mean the binder and mechanical pencil shopping. I mean the new bag, new boots and new clothes shopping that motivates you to start of the school year with your best foot forward, at least for the first two weeks. Then you can go back to sweats. However getting a new school bag is something that never changes whether you are going into first grade or twelfth grade. I like to carry big tote bags and switch them out throughout the year so I don’t get bored. Here are some sites that have great backpacks and totes for every different style:

For a retro look try Herschel bags:

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.41.04 PM

For a classic and clean look try Matt and Nat bags:

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.20.36 PM

For a preppy look try Sloane Ranger:

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.32.51 PM

And the most practical bag ever (North Face):

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.36.38 PM

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