Mini Bag and Jumpsuit





I wore this outfit the second night of my vacation in Vermont. We ate at this amazing French restaurant, Brasserie L’Ouastau, which has the best profiteroles I have ever had. I am always hesitant about getting dressy or fancy for dinner in Vermont because during the day my outfits mainly consist of my Arizona Birkenstocks and old jeans. Despite my ‘farm-chic’ daytime outfits, the beautiful colonial inns and restaurants where we eat are so amazing I feel a responsibility to dress up like they would have done for every meal back in the 1800s when these inns were just opening and full of life. However, I’m not sure many women back then were sporting black jumpsuits. I wanted another interesting aspect to the look so I paired the simple jumpsuit with an intricate statement necklace along with a fun mini bag and some small, delicate rings. The pearl ring was handmade by a local artisan in Vermont. Since the necklace has stones and shades of gray, white and gold it stands out against the black jumpsuit and is not overpowered by the other accessories. There really is no reason for the sandals other than the fact that I wanted to pack one pair of shoes for dinners to make room for my Birks and hiking shoes.

Jumpsuit – Atheleta

Necklace (similar here) – Anthropologie

Mini bag (similar here) – Francesca’s

Sandals (similar here) – Bernardo

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