The Other Woman

I recently watched The Other Woman and it was hilarious however my favorite part of the movie was the style of all of the characters. Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton each had about 30 wardrobe changes throughout the two hour film. I loved Leslie’s character’s preppy and classic style and Cameron’s charter’s sophisticated and edgy looks. I liked Kate’s character’s outfits because they were very young and relaxed, similar to what I would wear. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the movie.

the-other-woman-cameron-diaz-leslie-mann-kate-upton-twitter martin+grant+dress+red the-other-woman-leslie-mann-kate-upton-cameron-diaz-bahamas-clothes Cameron+Diaz+Leslie+Mann+filming+Other+Woman+z0Qi1qMgj1Pl CameronDiaz_TheOtherWoman_Fashion Movie-Style-Cameron-Diaz-Style-Fashion-The-Other-Woman-Movie-Martin-Grant-Dana-Dress

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