Trend Report: Chokers

Hello everyone, I am back to blogging regularly on Like Lillian! I wanted to come back with a trend report that I am sure many people have once wore and may have regretted. Chokers have come and gone throughout history and are now coming back. The 90’s was the time for the edgy, grunge inspired velvet chokers with the stone pendant hanging from the middle. I had a few chokers when I was little which I hardly ever wore, mainly because I hated the name and did not understand why anyone would ever want to wear something that hinted at choking. I had two chokers thank I thankfully lost or my mother threw out. I had the classic black plastic woven choker that I most likely bought at Claire’s from the $3 and under bin. My second choker was made of blue beads that pinched my neck. Although the trend is coming back and has become more modern and sleek I am not sure I will be giving chokers another go. Here are a few looks at the Cannes Film Festival where chokers were very popular:

Emma Stone in Dior



Kendall Jenner in Alïa



Hailey Baldwin in Gabriela Cadena


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