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Many people are or will be on spring break sometime this month. My favorite part about spring break, aside from a long awaited tan, is picking up a new bathing suit or outfit that I would never wear at home. When I am on vacation I really like to experiment with my style and try more bold or daring pieces that I would not usually go for. For me that typically means colorful, exotic prints, maxi dresses. rompers and heels that would probably make me the tallest person in my school. If you need to buy a new dress or a few bikinis to complete a perfect spring break wardrobe here are a few online shops with great pieces and are better for your budget.

Show Me Your Mumu

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Shoe Me Your Mumu is a brand that I just recently heard about and I love their website. It has a great theme and layout and it makes me very happy every time I am browsing its inventory. They always have great lookbooks that give you helpful styling tips and ideas. I love how the majority of their clothes are light, effortless and perfect for spring break.

Lulu’s Spring Fling

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Lulu’s is a great online boutique for teenagers because the majority of their clothes are very cheap and they are constantly updating the site with trendy yet affordable pieces. If there is any trend, style or color that you want to wear on your vacation, Lulu’s definitely has it.

Faithful the Brand

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Faithful the Brand does not have the expansive inventory that all of these other companies do, however their clothes are absolutely beautiful and are made for the beach. These pieces are a bit more expensive that most of the clothing from the other sites in this post but these pieces are also very versatile. You could go to the beach in the morning with a Faithful the Brand romper or dress over your bathing suit and later you could dress it up with heels and some accessories for going out.

Missguided’s Vacation Shop

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Missguided is very similar to Lulu’s in the fact that they both have an extremely large selection of on trend clothes for reasonable prices. The only major difference is that Missguided is an international brand which may make shipping less expensive and more convenient for people in different areas of the world.


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