2015 Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I don’t usually make new year’s resolutions because let’s be honest, they only last about five days at most. But this year I have decided to make some fashion resolutions, so here they are.

1. Retire my skinny jeans. I’m just going to say it, I am tired of skinny jeans. They are and always will be present in my closet as a staple to wear tucked into boots or to wear with ballet flats, however I want to mix it up. Maybe I will try boyfriend jeans or flare jeans, both of which I think are quite flattering despite the beliefs of my generation. Many people are predicting that looser fitted jeans or “relaxed” skinnies will be popular in 2015. Whether or not that will be the case, I am going to be more adventurous when it comes to my jeans.

2. Be more colorful. Quite often I find myself falling into the neutral zone. Sometimes I don’t even realize that the majority of my outfits are composed of navy, white, grey or occasionally blush pink. Honestly, I’m bored. I want to try pieces with fun and colorful prints, patterns and textures. Even just wearing jeans that aren’t in a dark wash would be a big step for me.

3. Don’t be scared of heels. I am 5’10” and although I don’t need heels, I really love them. Recently I purchased a pair of heeled booties and a pair of heeled boots, both of which I love. I wear them to school because they are gorgeous, but sometimes I feel like a terrifying giraffe when small, innocent freshman stare at me in awe or my now 6’1″ frame. Slowly but surely, I am getting over this fear of being even taller than I am already because although I am no longer growing, I am certainly not shrinking either.

4. Be creative with my accessories. Everyday it’s the same thing: small silver hoops and small studs in my ears and my dove with olive branch silver necklace around my neck. Again, I’m bored. I rarely ever wear bracelets or rings, but 2015 and is going to be different. For Christmas, I received a new watch that I am going to put to good use and maybe I will finally jump on the “army party” trend.

Comment what your new years resolutions are. I hope you all have a wonderful and stylish new year!

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