How I Stay Inspired

I am constantly looking for new ideas and trends to make my blog posts interesting and unique, but sometimes it is difficult for me to continue to come up with new content for Like Lillian. When I am having writer’s block or I have hit a mental wall, I look for inspiration. I find inspiration for posts in many places online, in magazines or just people watching. Here are a few places where I take inspiration from:



I am always ripping out pages from magazines that have either an outfit I like, style advice, trend reports, beauty advice or cool pictures. I have compiled over a few years three fairly large notebooks filled with pages out of my favorite magazines like TeenVogue, Seventeen, Allure and Vogue. If a picture in a magazine really stands out to me or there is a picture of an outfit that I absolutely love, I will pin that picture on my large cork board/calendar in my room. I update this board about once every few months with new pictures of not only fashion but my favorite tennis players, inspirational quotes or beautiful scenery.


I always look at other fashion bogs to get outfit ideas and different points of view on new trends. Everyone has different style which makes all of the blogs unique and interesting. I also love reading lifestyle and cooking blogs to get new recipes or life advice. This is the bookmark folder I have with all of my favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs. Many of these blogs I have found from Pinterest which is another source of inspiration for me because it is so easy to find outfits and ideas for posts.

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