Summer Beauty Products

25 days left. The countdown to summer has officially started. I spend the majority of my summer at the beach or outside, usually without any makeup on. I try to stick with just sunscreen on my face during the daytime so my skin gets a break from makeup and can breath, while still being protected from the sun. Also, when it is really hot out and you are wearing a heavy base on your skin, it may slide right off, which is never a good look. I also try not to use heat on my hair because my hair gets enough exposure to heat from the sun and just adds more damage. Here are a few products that I use often throughout the summer.


The Buxum Show some Skin Weightless Foundation is perfect for the summer because it is extremely hydrating and lightweight. I is more like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. It also has SPF 30 which is perfect for being out in the sun all day.


This Bella Terra loose bronzer, or any loose bronzer with shimmer in it, gives the look of tan, glowing and healthy summer skin. I, like many other porcelain-skinned girls (which is just a better way of saying pale white), am not able to be in the sun for more than an hour without getting tomato-red, so this bronzer helps me look like I am one of the lucky few that never gets sun burnt.

sugar lips

These Sugar Lip Balms by Fresh smell and taste like classic Country Time lemonade. They come in various colors which just give off a sheer wash of color, but are very moisturizing and smooth. They also have SPF 15, which makes it one of my summer beauty product essentials.


This Kerastase Aqua Seal hair cream protects your hair from chlorine in pools, which can tend to damage hair and turn most blondes’ hair green (I have experienced this firsthand so I know it is not a flattering color). This product also smells amazing and always reminds me of summer when I put it in my hair.

Thank you for visiting and happy almost summer!

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