How to Style Summer

Summer is almost here! To welcome the hot weather in style and to avoid wearing the average cutoffs and tank tops all summer, here are a few trends for this season.

1. Beach Pants

Although they are pants, they will keep you very cool because of the usually thin material. These pants are wide-legged so they are comfortable and give the essence of the effortless beach look. Go for classic white to keep it simple or try a bold pattern to make them a staple piece that is unique and really stands out. Because these pants are quite similar to maxi skirts, they can be styled similarly as well. These pants can be paired with crop tops, a tied tee, loose fitted tank tops, cool sweater or, of course, a bathing suit top.

2. Crochet tops

Crochet detailing is beautiful and adds a boho, beach-y feel to an outfit. Crochet tops and even dresses incorporating crochet detail are especially great as cover ups at the beach because of their light airiness. Try pairing a crochet crop top with a simple maxi skirt and sandals or wedges.

3. Printed Shorts

There are endless prints and styles of shorts that enhance any summer look. For an athletic look, try mesh shorts or looser shorts with a cool design or detail and pair with sneakers. For a soft, boho look try pairing loose, silk shorts with a laser cut top and gladiator sandals. And, of course, for a preppy, classic look, tuck a light collared shirt into striped shorts.

Thanks for visiting Like Lillian and I hope you all enjoyed these summer trends. There will be more to come!

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