How to Dress for Success

It is very important to look put-together when you have to present your work to an audience, especially of your peers or even people in higher positions than you. Dressing up for speeches or presentations at work or school will make your chances of succeeding or impressing others much greater. Putting an effort into your appearance will show your audience that you take yourself and the subject matter you are presenting seriously. When you know that you appear dedicated and serious, you will exude more confidence which is the ultimate key to success.

As a freshman in high school, I was terrified of speaking in front of twenty five kids I barely knew and an unfamiliar teacher about the Renaissance. I think my teacher understood that many of these scared little freshmen were nervous so he gave us a tip: try to look nice for your presentation. I was a bit frustrated that this was the only advice my teacher gave, but I decided to take it and just pray that I did not pass out during my speech.

The day of my presentation I wore dark jeans, boots and one of my favorite tops. Whenever I wear an outfit that I really like and that I feel good in, I immediately become more confident. This is exactly what happened on the day of my speech. I looked presentable, which made my teacher and even my class believe that I was serious and that I really cared about the Renaissance (which I did not at all). I was wearing one of my favorite outfits, which made me feel confident because I knew that I was not going to look like and idiot in front of all my classmates. Despite my nervousness and shaky voice, I received an A on my presentation. Obviously, the main reason why I got an A was because I prepared and studied for hours, but dressing up helped me look more confident, and therefore, helped me feel more confident.

If you have a presentation or a speech at school or work and do not know what to wear exactly, always try to look business casual. I would recommend pants and a nice top, avoid tank tops or anything white, especially if your presentation is after lunch. To look even more professional, try a fitted blazer and roll up the sleeves to make it more fun. And most importantly, try to wear comfortable shoes so you can stand for long periods of time and move around. Good luck everyone and just remember that confidence is the most important component to succeeding.

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