Packing Strategy

Today I am going to share with you my genius and unorthodox packing strategy. Ever since I began packing for myself, I have felt restricted with the quantity of clothing I “need” and how much will actually “fit” into a normal sized suitcase. So I have developed a packing game plan that has reduced stress, especially before a larger vacation when I have waited until the night before to pack. I will be leaving for Florida at some ridiculous hour this Saturday morning, so instead of packing Friday night, I have decided to be proactive and actually start four whole days before I leave. The packing process commenced Tuesday night. The first thing that I do before I even begin to thing about what is going to accompany me on my trip is play some music. This is relaxing and gets me excited for my vacation. Since I am going to Florida, I like to play beach-y music. If you really wanted to, you could burn a candle with a scent related to your travel destination. I would do that but I am terrified of lighting candles in my room so I would try a plug-in scent from Glade if you share my fear. Next, I actually start laying out clothing. It helps if you plan out specific outfits instead of taking seven random shirts and seven random pants because you may get to your hotel and realize that nothing matches, and believe me, you do not want to start your vacation off with that disaster. I will be in Florida for six days, so instead of packing six outfits and a few pairs of shoes, I put out absolutely everything that I would ever need for this vacation. Looking over at my window sill where I have laid out everything I plan on packing, it looks like I am moving to Florida. I do this so that Friday night, when I put everything in my suitcase, I can eliminate nearly half of what I had laid out previously. I find it much easier to eliminate items from my list than trying to pick out exactly what I plan on wearing. Also, pack your toiletries and electronics last. I tend to make a list of the electronics I take with me so that when I am packing to go home, I can be positive that I have everything I brought with me. And, of course, the most important thing to remember: overpacking means to have everything you may need, but having to go out and buy a bigger suitcase to fit everything you are bringing means that you need to cut down and eliminate some items from your packing list. I hope this was helpful and happy spring break everyone!

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