Hairstyle: Side Dutch Braid

This hairstyle gives the appearance of the classic side swept hair, while adding a braid, which gives the look a boho feel. This style is pretty simple and easy to achieve. I started with my natural hair (which is anywhere between curly and wavy) and separated it into two equal pieces, placing them on opposite sides of my head. Starting on the top left side, I began braiding my hair, placing one strand underneath the other in stead of placing it over the other. After I braided my hair three times, I began to take pieces of hair from the left side and adding them to the strand that I was braiding. I repeated this process until I reached the top of my neck. Here, I stopped braiding and secured my braid with two butterfly clips. To give it even more of a bohemian feel, I sprayed my hair with sea salt hairspray to add texture and to make it look more beachy.

side dutch braid

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