Sunday, Shoeday

Happy Shoeday everyone! Today I am going to review Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoe collection, SJP, available at Nordstrom. Her collection became available on the Nordstrom website February 28 and range in price from $195-$495. The line consists of wedges, flats, pumps and sandals. Each shoe has her signature white ribbon trim on either the back of the shoe, or attached onto a strap. Many of the shoes are very “Carrie Bradshaw” like. They are classic styles with girly details like flowers, scalloped insole and bright colors. The line also carries a few bags and coats, but I think most of us are more excited about the shoes. Here are some of my favorites from the line:

Bobbi Sandal $365
Bobbi Sandal                            3 1/2″ heel
Fawn Heel 3
Fawn Heel
3 ” Heel
Jill Heel 3 1/2
Jill Heel
3 1/2″ Heel

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