How to Save Money While Shopping

Despite what anyone who has every shopped with me believes, I do know a few things about saving money when shopping for clothes. I have expensive taste, but I don’t necessarily have a “job” to support it. Because of this, I have discovered a few ways on how to save money, but yet still be able to purchase things I love. Here are a few of my tips for spending less when shopping:

1. Don’t give in to the checkout line sales

Just because there is a long line at the checkout of h&m does not mean that you suddenly need those $5 rainbow socks that will rip in two days or the $3 multicolor clip-in hair flowers (which I have regretfully bought). Just stop and think about what you are about to purchase. It is a mind game, where the stores usually leave victorious. You and I both know that those hair flowers will never see the light of day so put them back, and keep your eyes set on the front of the line.

2. Shop at discount stores and outlets

If you look around for a little bit, you can make great discoveries at stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Annie Sez. These stores will have clothes from many different brands and designers marked down at a price of usually 50% off and more. When there is an overproduction, designers and labels will send the extra products to these stores at a discounted price. Outlet shopping centers are also great because they have popular stores’ merchandise for less. Although these stores are great for getting good deals, you have to be careful. You may begin to put items in your shopping cart just because they used to be $50 and are now only $10. NEVER BUY SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE IT IS ON SALE OR DISCOUNTED. This is one of the most important rules to remember when shopping.

3. The “Two outfits or more” rule

So you are shopping at Urban Outfitters and you find a pair of rainbow print harem pants (yikes) that are so cute and look really great on. Before you step out of that dressing room and go to buy those sweet harem pants, ask yourself, “Can I put together two outfits in my mind with clothes I already have and these pants.” If you cannot, put them back and walk away. I know that it may be hard to let go of those awesome, slightly crazy, pants, but if you cannot picture two complete outfits right then and there with the item that you want to buy, one of two things can happen. You will either end up not wearing them frequently/ever or you will go out and buy an outfit that goes with the item that you bought, spending even more money.

4. Shop online

There are constantly online exclusive deals and a wide selection of clothes that stores may not have in stock. It is also very easy to look up coupon or discount codes to add additional savings to your overall purchase. I often shop at sites like Hautelook, Gilt, Ruelala, or Shop It To Me which have sales lasting for only a few days, with everything at about 40% off or more. In addition to clothing, these online stores also have beauty products, home decor, and seasonal gifts which makes it very convenient for buying presents. Here are the links to those sites I mentioned:

I hope these tips help you spend less and save more on things that you really want and items that you will wear. Happy shopping!

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