How to Rock the Full Skirt

I really love this trend because it is classic and feminine. This trend was also popular in the 60s which adds a unique, vintage look to an outfit. Some people, especially shorter, find the full midi skirt difficult to wear because it cuts the legs at the knee or just below, which can make anyone look shorter. When styling these skirts, I would recommend wearing simple pumps (in a color that matches the rest of the outfit, of course), either a cropped shirt or a sweater tucked in, and a statement jewelry piece. A cropped shirt or a tucked in sweater will expose the waist band of the skirt, which will act the same way a belt would by making the waist pear slim. The simple pumps are a classic part of the outfit, just like the skirt. A statement necklace or earrings will make the look a bit more modern and interesting to balance the other classic, more simple pieces. If you want to add a more youthful and playful element to the look, you could add a graphic tee or even wedge sneakers. Here are a few examples on how to rock the 60s skirt:

full skirt collage 217

Top right:, top right:, bottom left:, bottom right:

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