How to Get the “Off-Duty Model” Look

When you are walking down the street, perhaps in New York City, and you see a six-foot tall, skinny woman, you just can’t help but take a mental note of what she is wearing because she is most likely a model on her way to a fitting or a casting. You wonder, how can someone look so effortlessly chic? Models have plenty of experience wearing the latest trends on the runway, so they know how to look stylish and modish everywhere. Somehow, these women manage to look perfect, but at the same time, like it only took them five minutes to get ready. Here are some classic examples of the “off duty model” look:


Karlie Kloss


Cara Delevingne


Coco Rocha

In order to achieve this look and make it your own, you can add some key pieces to your outfits like graphic tshirts, leather boots, or motorcycle jackets paired with simple items like black pants, plain tanks or a denim shirt. The focal point of your outfit like the motorcycle jacket will make the outfit interesting, while pairing it with the classic staple items will keep the look casual and effortless. To make your “off-duty model” look more personalized, try to choose focal pieces that have meaning behind them like your favorite band tshirt or your mom’s old motorcycle jacket from when she was a teenager. This will make your outfit unique and conform to your style.

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