Sunday, shoeday

I am starting a new tradition here at Like Lillian. Sundays are now shoedays! Every sunday beginning this week, I will be talking all about my favorite accessory, shoes! This shoeday, I wanted to share a personal struggle that I have lived with for about a year now. I have a size eleven shoe, and thankfully, I am almost positive it has stopped growing. Often times when I am shoe shopping, I will find an adorable display shoe and I will ask a sales person if she could get me that shoe in a size eleven. I have received various doubtful and curious expressions from the employees because they know as well as I do that the odds of them finding the shoe that I want in a size eleven are low. At this point one of two scenarios could happen: the sales person could come back empty handed and break the bad news that they do not carry a size eleven in that shoe (typical), or the sales person will hand me a box marked size eleven with the shoes that I want inside. Even if she does miraculously find my size, I am usually disappointed. This is because when I open the box and take out the shoe, it has somehow become an ugly, large flipper instead of the adorable shoe I had admired earlier. I have come to live with the fact that size six shoes (generally the display shoe size) are almost always cuter than the same shoe in a size eleven. Because of this, I just end up ordering most of my shoes. If you have large boat feet like me, there is still hope for us. In most discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Max, DSW or the Lord and Taylor outlet, they have a whole wall of shoes devoted to big-footed people (it makes me feel good that some stores care). I hope this helps people with large feet find shoes easier and I hope that this makes people with small feet appreciate how simple their own shoe buying process is. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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