How to Buy Clothes that You Actually Like

Every time I clean out my closet or am trying to find something to wear, I will come across an item in my wardrobe and ask myself, “What were you thinking?” Or the equally disturbing incident when something that you love and have worn twice has just ripped or given you insane blisters on your feet. Everyone has had a moment when they find a horrible mistake in their closet and had bought it because it was on super sale (probably because it was so ugly) or someone else talked you into buying it. Avoiding this shopping blunder is a challenge for me, but I have discovered some tricks that have helped me to reduce the number of retail mishaps in my closet.

1. Avoid trendy pieces

Trends will constantly come and go and maybe make a reappearance but they are not something that you should spend a lot of money on. If you are really into a trend that is popular now, like overalls, try buying them from a cheaper store like Charlotte Russe or h&m. If you wear them three times and had spent $20, you will be much happier than if you had spend $100 and forced yourself to wear them even after you were over your overalls.

2. Splurge

Instead of constantly buying trendy cheap clothing, try investing in something classic that you know you will continue to love and that will last. Spend a little extra money on those essential staple pieces in your collection that will never go out of style like ballet flats, jeans, LBD or a nice jacket. I have had my $50 American Eagle jeans for about a year and they are wearing down at the knee. My favorite $110 boot cut Lucky Brand jeans are nearly three years old and are in perfect condition (of course I am a different size now but they have stretched over the years).

3. Buy what YOU love

It is important to go shopping with someone else to get a second opinion and so you don’t get lonely, but your opinion comes first. My friends and I have very different styles, but we go shopping together often. If you are in love with an army jacket that is so you and your girly-girl friend who loves anything pink and ruffly says that she doesn’t like it, don’t put it back just because of her. If you know that you are going to wear it and feel good in it, than buy it. I have gone shopping with my mom plenty of times and when I am in the dressing room she will bring me something kind of atrocious and force me to put it on and show her. She always exclaims, “Its so cute and it looks so good on you! I should get one too!” Although it may be hard to crush your mom’s excitement, remember only buy what YOU love, or else your just wasting money on something that you will never wear.

4. Don’t cheap out on shoes

The $20 pair of 5 inch pumps from Forever 21 are NEVER a good idea. They will dig into your feet and give you unruly blisters. It is important to buy a well made pair of shoes that won’t make your feet cry. I know that heels are never really comfortable, but the cheap plastic that is used in making Forever 21 shoes will cut into your feet and ruin your day. Invest in a quality pair. Believe me, your feet will thank you.

5. Lastly,

Buy clothes that make you feel good. If you love heels but you are a giant like me, who cares? Clothes that make you feel good will give you confidence, which is way more important than wearing what is on trend now.

I could write a whole book on this subject and I am sure that there will be plenty more tips to come. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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  1. Smart, thoughtful and insightful. Very well written. Especially on the trendy and cheap shoes parts. Why not write about cheap handbags next?

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