Beauty Trick

During a short trip to the beauty section of a department store in New York City, I was told by almost every woman working behind a counter that my mascara was leaving flakes underneath my eyes. I decided that instead of buying another mascara and hoping that it does not flake, I did some research on how to stop mascara from flaking. I have recently discovered the solution to my problem and now use it every day when I do my makeup in the morning. If every mascara you own ends up leaving flakes underneath yours eyes, you need to try this. After you have applied mascara, add a few coats of clear mascara over it to prevent any flakes. The clear mascara will seal your regular mascara and not allow it to flake. The clear mascara will also separate your lashes, eliminating clumps. This trick has been so helpful to me and I hope it works for you as well.

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