My New Discovery!

I was recently shopping on, just looking for a skirt (still looking) and I came across a beautiful high-waited sequin skirt that was unfortunately $222.23. So I clicked on the brand that the fabulous skirt was from and browsed the other items from the brand, Needle & Thread. The brand mostly consisted of embellished dresses, skirts and a few tops. The beading and sequin detail on the clothes is extremely intricate and ornate. The brand incorporates a lot of pale pink and skin toned colors into their dresses, which usually complements my fair skin. There are also some colorful, fun patterns within the collection, making it youthful and versatile. I will be saving up for that Mexcia mini skirt. I am really excited that I found this brand and needed to share it with you.

Here is the link:

Enjoy and thanks for visiting my blog!

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