The Hunt: Finding the “Perfect Skirt”

This seems to be a challenge for me every time I enter a mall. I go in with a game plan: find a skirt that is not too short, not too long, not too tight, not too loose and can be worn in every season. I know this seems like a simple task, but it has proven to be very difficult for me. The past few times I have gone shopping, I desperately try to stick to my game plan, but each time I become distracted and stray from my initial goal. At this point in my shopping trip, I have acquired four different shopping bags, none of which contain the “perfect” skirt. Is the skirt that I have dreamed about nonexistent? I am not looking for a printed p’foofy attention-grabbing skirt. I am looking for an item that can work its way up to becoming a staple piece in my black hole of a closet, which apparently has no skirts that live up to my standards. Skirts, over the years, have become a bit of a predicament for me. I attended a private middle school where I was sent to the principal’s office numerous times for my plaid, pleated skirt being too short. I had a consistent and perfectly reasonable excuse: “My skirt is not too short, my legs are too long!” I was always the tall girl in school and my mother refused to continue buying me skirts every time a grew, which was frequently. And why should she? Its not my fault I am the human equivalent of a giraffe. Most of the time, when I am trying on skirts and even dresses, the clothes can look a little too short on me. The “perfect” skirt that I have created in my head is a pale pink, mid-thigh structured cotton/wool dream of a skirt. Because this skirt seems to be a myth, I have become more willing to try on different styles, colors and lengths of skirts in order to find my “perfect” or at least nearly perfect. My ultimate goal is to walk into a store or mall with my head held high, disregarding the tempting items in the window displays, and walk out, victoriously, with my perfect skirt. And of course, once I find this skirt, I will reward myself with the perfect shirt to go with it!

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